I'm honored to be part of this record. This is what the warm soulful heart of "Texas music" is to me- earthy, but ethereal. Great songs about real life, all of them immediately timeless. A complete pleasure to listen to, and I intend to listen to this record alot.” - Walt Wilkins
Art and Lisa have the unique gift of sounding both fresh and traditional at the same time. Even though they make that look easy, it isn't. These are everyday folks who write and sing about the lives and feelings of, well, everyday folks. They make honest music with grace and soul and beauty. It was an honor to work with them.” - John Inmon
I really enjoyed working on the album project with Art and Lisa. Their writing and vocals are so soulful and real, that it was easy to get an idea of how the music should feel. Just listening to the lyrics really helped to determine the overall musical vibe of the songs.....I think it's a fine album, and I'm glad to be a part of it.” - Lloyd Maines