Lone Star Music

Howdy friends, First of all we want to thank all of you who have visited our website and especially those of you who have signed our guestbook. It means so much to us to know you are out there supporting us in our musical endeavors. We love you all. So our CD's are now available at Lone Star Music in Gruene, Texas and online at www.LoneStarMusic.com, and also in Austin at Waterloo records. The CD is in line for review at Radio Free Texas online. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be added. This past week Art and I were blessed to host the group "BIG WIDE GRIN" in our home. It was only for one night, but they are a really special group, and we enjoyed having them as our guests and hearing them play at Williams Creek Depot in Tarpley, Texas on Friday evening, and then again on Sunday evening at The Bandera Saloon. People were just blown away at thier beautiful harmonies as were we. I am hopeful that our paths will cross again someday soon. Now for a long overdue thank you. Melissa at Gunslingers in Bandera, Texas has helped Art and I so much. Yes with our clothes for the photo shoot on the CD cover, yes with finding the amazingly talented Traci Goudie to do the photo shoot and all of our artwork. Yes on finding the talented Greg Guymon who does our t-shirts. Yes on advise from everything you can imagine. Mostly just being straight forward and honest with us about everything we come to her with. We love you Melissa and sweetheart Jim too.

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