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Art and Lisa: Thank You

Bob & Sally Himmer

Thank you for your encouragement, freindship and support of our music. We love you both.


We thank God for all he's done in our lives, and the gift of music!

Lloyd Maines

To work with Lloyd Maines, what an honor!

Lloyd has an ear that catches EVERYTHING! He was awesome to work with and I still can't believe what a nice guy he is. He brought us breakfast tacos every morning. YUMMMY!

It was really amazing to watch Lloyd and John talking while listening to the playbacks of each song. While they were talking to each other they could still hear any little off string or if the drums or a guitar was just a hair quick to come in on a beat. One or the other would be mid-sentence and say "wait, go back... right there that e string is out of tune", or " didn't the drums come in just a half beat too soon?" WOW! Magnanimous just magnanimous!

Thank you Lloyd for giving us your time and expertise. You are magnanimous.

John Inmon

John Inmon has been a favorite of ours for many years. His guitar playing is some of the most beautiful either of us has ever heard. He puts so much of himself into his playing, you can't help but fall in love.

As a producer, John Inmon was so instrumental in making this CD sound great as well as putting us at ease with the process. He worked with us on each song before we ever got to the studio, and helped us tighten things up. What a great friend he has turned out to be.

John we can't thank you enough!

Brenda Tworoger

We want to thank our very dear friend Brenda for making this CD a possibility. It's nice to have someone who believes in us the way she does.

We love you Brenda

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