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"Healin' Time" Reviews

The singer/songwriter duo, Art & Lisa and their albums are climbing the charts and people can’t help but notice their names are everywhere. Now with their debut album “Learning to Breathe Again” and now their newest release CD Healin’ Time, the professional growth of this great duo is undeniable.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Art and Lisa - Healin Time

There are big things ahead for this talented duo!
Following the 2009 release of LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN, Art and Lisa return with a stunning new album featuring a classy collection of country/folk songs. The songs are packed full of sensitive lyrics and warming vocals that will literally take your breath away. HEALIN TIME is produced by John Inmon and is an album that transcends many different eras. John Inmon plays guitar on the album alongside Richard Bowden on fiddle. The lyrics throughout this album speak of sorrow, lost love, families torn apart and feelings of despair and disillusionment. The opening song on the album Steal The Heart features some wonderfully earthy vocals from Lisa. Her voice is tender yet raw. Art harmonises as the song progresses, his voice blending perfectly offering depth to the song. Long Gone sees Art taking the lead on vocals with Lisa harmonising. Art’s vocals are rootsy and organic in nature. There is a striking contrast between the pairs vocal style but it never detracts from the message the album is trying to project. This is an emotional album where words are important. Mama’s Prayers is more of a traditional country song. The fiddle is prominent on this up-beat song, where once again Lisa takes a turn on lead vocals. Healin’ Time is a much heavier country song. Lisa’s vocals are powerful, whilst Art’s are gruff and give the song character. Sands Of Lubbock sees Lisa in dazzling form. Her vocals are magical on this stand out number. This song oozes with emotion. Broken Without You (Briana's Song) is a traditional sounding country song. Instrumentation is important on this delicate number. Mother Of Pearl sees Art on lead vocals. Listen closely to the lyrics of this song – this is story telling at its very best! When Am I Gonna Learn is another charming country song with Lisa on lead vocals. Saint sees Art on lead vocals. His voice is captivating and quite haunting. The final song on the album was written by Walt Wilkins. Healing Waters is a charming song, which sees Lisa and Art harmonise wonderfully. This song brings the album to a natural conclusion. This album ticks all of the right boxes and will hopefully see Art and Lisa brought to the forefront of country music.

"Art and Lisa combine grit and grace on every track of their new record, "Healin' Time". Thoughtfully produced by John Inmon, "Sands of Lubbock" evokes the lonely, endless line of the West Texas horizon. The title track could be heard in a dance hall or gospel revival and the haunting version of Walt Wilkins' "Healing Waters" brings a beautiful close to this intimate collection of songs." Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson

"strong, beautiful and true. Art and Lisa bring what is so badly needed to the Texas music scene, honest intelligently made music. together they manage to deliver songs that sound fresh and familiar simultaneously." michael o'connor
p.s. i never give quotes, but this was so easy and a joy.


Michael O'Connor

"With a natural warmth and sincerity, Art and Lisa's latest recording

wraps around you like a comfortable old quilt.

"Healin' Time" is good for what ails you." - KH (Kevin Higgins)

Kevin Higgins

"Anyone that has been away from home for any length of time knows the feeling of missing home. Art and Lisa's "Healin' Time" CD is like that first night back home. Familiar and comfortable. Art and Lisa will leave an impression on your heart with their captivating songwriting and majestic vocals"

 Cara Miller First Lady of Radio Free Texas - Radio Free Texas


Cara Miller
"…” And the new album “Healing Time” holds more song treasures and is even stronger proof of Art and Lisa’s timeless songs - incredible lyrics, inimitable vocals, supported with a background of soulful and warm musical talent. Overall, Art and Lisa are the most polished and sparkling diamonds in Texas Music today." "
Sherryjane Cooke - Austin (Jan 21, 2011)

"My CD of choice today is "Healin' Time" by Art and Lisa. Lisa's voice takes us to another time and place. Not only are the songs excellent, but the production takes full advantage of the excellent guitar of John Inmon, and the fiddle of Richard Bowden. I once heard Lisa sing "Sands of Lubbock" live at the Grotto in Bandera. I was stunned. Not surprised, for I know of the talent they both have. The last song on the album, "Healing Waters", was written by Walt Wilkins and puts a finishing touch to an entire album on the power of healing. There are songs of broken families, lost love, disappointment, sorrow and saints. This CD will play in my car as I head up and down the road". Kathleen Hudson (aurthor of Women in Texas Music)

Kathleen Hudson - Jan 2011 issue of Hill Country Happenings vol 7 no. 11 pg # 16

"Learning To Breathe Again" Reviews

"I'm honored to be part of this record. This is what the warm soulful heart of "Texas music" is to me- earthy, but ethereal. Great songs about real life, all of them immediately timeless. A complete pleasure to listen to, and I intend to listen to this record alot."
Walt Wilkins
"Art and Lisa have the unique gift of sounding both fresh and traditional at the same time. Even though they make that look easy, it isn't. These are everyday folks who write and sing about the lives and feelings of, well,
everyday folks. They make honest music with grace and soul and beauty. It was an honor to work with them."
John Inmon
"I really enjoyed working on the album project with Art and Lisa. Their writing and vocals are so soulful and real, that it was easy to get an idea of how the music should feel.
Just listening to the lyrics really helped to determine the overall musical vibe of the songs.....I think it's a fine album, and I'm glad to be a part of it."
Lloyd Maines